How Law Firms Can Manage Confidential Documents on Cloud

by PracticeLeague

With the growth of technology in the legal industry, we can now see a shift from law firms using outdated, slower and fragmented technologies and moving towards an integrated legal software approach that makes handling the different processes and documents of the firm much easier.

We all know that documentation is one the most important aspects of legal matter management. A firm may work on tons of documents each year for. Most of these documents are confidential and need to be stored securely. Moreover, considering the amount of time lawyers spend out-of-office for either meetings or court hearings, the documents should also be portable. This is why a Practice Management Software, that also offers a secure Document Management System on cloud, provides a convenient, safe and secure place for lawyers to store all their documents and contracts.

With an encrypted and role based system, only assigned users can access certain files while the others who aren’t privy to this information cannot them.This is a much better option than filing such confidential documents in a cabinet.

Cloud storage not just provides safety, but is also great for sharing these documents easily. There’s no need to email them or print them, and they can be accessed conveniently whenever required. Since they are on the cloud as opposed to back at the firm, lawyers don’t need to wait to get their hands on this important information, and can directly access it when needed.

Moreover, organizing these documents becomes a lot easier, when folders are automatically created for each client and their matters. You also get ready plug-ins for MS Office to sync emails and documents using MS Outlook or store new documents directly from MS Word. This way firms can positively enforce policies for all lawyers to store documents on cloud without any hassles.

PracticeLeague’s Legal Document Management Software provides a secure and safe cloud storage system for all your legal contracts and documents. This Law Firm Software comes with an enterprise-grade 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption as well as a state-of-the-art datacenter. All systems are monitored 24x7x365 for maximum security and there’s an automatic back up of everything.

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