Manage Your Law Firm from Your Phone

by PracticeLeague

Lawyers live a fast paced life that needs them to be out and about. Client meetings or hearings take a lot of time while prepping and documentation takes the rest, meaning no lawyer has the luxury to sit at their desk and work all day.

Another necessary element of a lawyer’s life is to have all the important information about the matters they are managing at hand, wherever they go so they don’t miss out on any details.

With all the contracts, documents and notes back at the office, how is a lawyer supposed to have complete visibility into what’s happening back at the law firm?

The solution lies in a cloud based Practice Management Software that can easily help in transporting the work with you. With such a platform, lawyers can have insight into everything that is going on with the matters and stay up to date with the information.

A tracking feature allows you to see what each lawyer in the firm is working on and lets you know at which stage a matter is at presently.

Moreover, a cloud software allows the easy tracking of time that lawyers are spending in each matter. You can record your own timesheets and expenses on the phone. The time recorded is then billed as per the arrangement, making the payment process more streamlined.

Another great advantage of having this legal platform always with you is that you can quickly and efficiently check any information before you enter a meeting, court hearing or appointment. A simple search will put out all relevant data at your disposal.

Lawyers will also receive timely notifications and reminders that help them keep track of important dates and appointments, and ensure not missing them even when away from office.

PracticeLeague has a comprehensive Practice Management Software that is mobile, easy to use and features a clean interface, along with a plethora of features pertaining to the legal industry.

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