Should Lawyers Use Cloud Storage?

by PracticeLeague

Cloud computing has become a necessary element of any legal establishment and many lawyers in the past years have now shifted to this system. There’s a lot of debate whether cloud storage is safe for lawyers to use since the data they use is confidential, but the need for cloud storage is very high.

Here are the top reasons you need to invest in one now!

Easier accessibility

Since lawyers always need to be on the go and cannot be chained to their desk all day, having the option of carrying around your important files and documents with you is important. Having a cloud storage system provides lawyers the accessibility to these documents at any given time using just their smartphone.

Sharing made easy

Every time there is an addition or amendment in a contract or legal document, that document needs to be sent back and forth between multiple parties. Having a cloud storage system can make this sharing much easier and quicker, moving along the process smoothly.


When it comes to the security of the data saved in the cloud storage, many lawyers are still skeptical. On the contrary, managing hard copies of data and documents or storing them locally can be more dangerous. This is so because, there is always a chance of; misplacing, accidental damage, natural deterioration, theft, unauthorized access, system drive failures, limited or no back-ups, etc. However, with a cloud storage system, you set up permissions for document viewing, sharing and downloading. All documents stored on cloud can be easily backed-up and can be accessed globally by authorized personnel. Moreover, these files are encrypted for maximum security against unauthorized attacks.

PracticeLeague has a safe and secure system that facilitates cloud storage of all important legal documents, with easy accessibility at any given time!

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