The Evolution of Timekeeping for a Lawyer

by PracticeLeague

Keeping track of time is a necessary and extremely important responsibility for any lawyer, after all they need to calculate the amount of time they are spending on each matter for accurately billing it and tracking receivables.

Earlier, lawyers would manually calculate this time – sometimes asking their secretaries to make notes of it, writing it down in a diary or an excel sheet, or even sitting and calculating the number of hours right before they needed to send the invoice.

But the use of this method is not only tedious, but also makes recalling the time accurately difficult as there is no precise format for recalling and making entries. This led to discrepancies and a general difficulty in reconciling time spent with hours billed.

Over time, legal practices have changed and time keeping for lawyers has evolved into a more sophisticated process that is streamlined and helps create accurate invoices while accounting for the number of hours spent on each matter or case.

With the use of a Practice Management Software, lawyers can now track time easily and integrate it with automatic billing without having to constantly keep making notes and trying to remember. This non-manual way to bill time helps in being accurate with less than half the effort you had to put in earlier.

The time tracking feature in these software programs helps in automatically converting important dates and appointments on your calendar into billed time, and then also turning that billed time into an invoice, allowing you to seamlessly record all your hours worked without the hassle.

PracticeLeague offers some great legal time tracking software with features that will allow you to be more accurate in your billing to enable timely payments.

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